Flatbed Printer for DRK Hospital in Saarlouis Seamless management for outpatient care with the Tally T5040 16.05.12

The 210-bed Saarlouis hospital operated by the German Red Cross (DRK) offers standard medical care in the specialty fields of internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology, obstetrics, anaesthesia, intensive care, as well as for urology and neurosurgery. The complex medical care is given through the Cooperative Breast centre, the Saarlouis Stroke Centre and the Interdisciplinary Vascular Centre. A large practice for radiology and nuclear medicine is also connected with the hospital.


The Tally T5040 flatbed printer has made a name for itself as a dependable document printer. This flatbed printer can handle a wide range of materials: multi-part forms, passes, passbooks, checks and receipts and even A5 and A4 size office paper. With speeds of up to 600 characters per second, it is very fast and yet is still able to guarantee the most reliable paper processing. Additional functions like automatic document alignment and automatic print head spacing make the T5040 a great asset for all managerial / administrative processes. It is guaranteed to be the right printer when speed and reliability is of the essence with numerous different forms need to be handled such as in a busy outpatients processing centre.

The DASCOM document printer offers such ideal support in health care management that the Saarlouis hospital currently has five printers in use in its outpatient department. The T5040 prints all the different types of forms needed in health care at high speed and in up to four copies of form sets. Emergency certificates, transfer forms, special documents for work injuries, prescriptions, sick certificates etc. are part of the daily printing repertoire for the Agfa-Orbis hospital in-formation system. Some 10,000 outpatient cases are processed at the clinic with the help of the T5040 high performance flatbed printer each year.

The many automatic functions offered by the T5040 greatly facilitate work processes in the hospital’s outpatient department. It automatically aligns and adjusts to various paper sizes and thickness to correctly print each forms. There is no “complicated fiddling when inserting paper”, emphasises Hans-Peter Blug, an IT employee for the DRK hospital. The print head spacing also automatically adjusts to thicker, bound materials. This allows the outpatient department at the DRK Saarlouis hospital to reduce processing times to a minimum. And there are hardly any operation errors.

The hospital management began replacing their old printers with the T5040 whenever there was a malfunction at the start of 2010. One reason behind this decision was the ability to save space with the small, compact DASCOM printer. The automatic form orientation was also a major reason behind this decision. “Our personnel is very satisfied with how user-friendly the printer is”, says Hans-Peter Blug while adding: “No matter how crooked the form is when you put it in, the print orientation is perfect!” And that saves a lot of time and money, according to Mr Blug. The standard T5040 comes with a USB and a parallel interface for flexible connections and to accommodate multiple users. A model with a second serial interface is also available.

The DASCOM flatbed printer is stable and dependable. Hans-Peter Blug is very happy with the cost and time savings offered by the new DASCOM printer and praises it for its stability. “So far, over the last to years, that is, the printers in the outpatient department have been working without a any type of failure or breakdown.” And DASCOM’s excellent service partner, the Andreas Laubner GmbH company, has been able to resolve any smaller problems quickly and capably over the phone. The DRK Saarlouis hospital and the neighbouring offices plan to add additional rooms, which will also be equipped with DASCOM T5040 flatbed printers. Because they can be depended upon. And in keeping with the motto to “never change a winning team”, it’s no wonder why that will continue to be the case in Saarlouis.

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