DASCOM Europe GmbH Announces Speed Enhancements for Select High End Serial Printers Print speed increased by as much as 20% - graphics speed also increased 28.03.11

DASCOM Europe GmbH, manufacturer of enterprise printing solutions, today announced speed enhancements for its Tally-branded T2150, T2250, T2265+ and T2280+ serial matrix printers. Besides a speed upgrade in text printing, the graphics printing performance has also been upgraded significantly by more than 35%.

“We can now offer a higher specification product without an increase to the cost of ownership or the cost of the product,” explained DASCOM Europe’s CEO, Christoph Geiger. “These latest modifications, which have largely been driven by client requests, clearly demonstrate our com-mitment to Dot Matrix technology. It is another step in our progression as a vibrant product leader in the business printing solutions sector.”

The enhancements increase headline sprint speeds by as much as 20%, reducing the time to print a page up to 35%, without reducing the head life (still at 500 million characters) or increase to cost. Graphics printing throughput has also been increased. This means printing from systems like Windows or SAP or Oracle are now significantly faster.

DASCOM also recently announced IGP/QMS capability and believes these further enhance-ments make the serial printers a great lower cost alternative to the line matrix models since they are generally more cost effective to purchase, operate and service.

“With our competitive pricing, competence of product research and development, we expect to grow our market share by leveraging our experience, willingness to provide unique engineering solutions and focusing on niches where we truly know that our product is superior in its quality, capability and value for the price,” concluded Geiger.

Established in Hong Kong, DASCOM Group was founded in 1988.
Today, DASCOM is a private conglomerate operating an array of business focuses:

  • Developer, manufacturer and provider of enterprise printing solutions
  • System integrator, Distributor, Service Provider of Unix solutions
  • Service Provider of value-added services for various telecommunication carriers

Located in Ulm (Germany), DASCOM Europe GmbH is the European headquarter and was founded May 2009. We market the full range of serial, passbook, mobile and thermal printers un-der the ‘Tally’ or ‘Tally Dascom’ brand names. The TallyGenicom line matrix and laser printer models will continue to be distributed by DASCOM.

As a subsidiary of DASCOM Europe, DASCOM GB Ltd., based in Basingstoke, supports sales operations for the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Benelux, Middle East and Africa regions.

Whether you print bar codes, labels, bills of lading, invoices or other critical documents, we offer the advanced technology and custom solutions that keep your business running. Our products are used in most major industries including banking, logistics, retail, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, government, public safety, aviation, transportation and warehousing/distribution.

For further information, see www.dascom.com or contact:
Michael Ried
DASCOM Europe GmbH
Heuweg 3
89079 Ulm
Tel: +49.731.2075-573 - Fax: +49.731.2075-564 - MRied@dascom.com

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