Compact and excellent value - the Tally Dascom 5130 flatbed printer DASCOM expands its range of flatbed pritners 27.02.12

 DASCOM has introduced an all new feature packed flat bed printer to the market: the Tally Dascom 5130. This printer is specially designed for printing the types of documents issued by public authorities, hospitals and banks. Like its big brother the Tally T5040, the 5130 also features automatic document alignment, making skewed documents a thing of the past. The Tally Dascom 5130 will be available by end of march 2012 at specialist retailers.

Public authorities and hospitals print a wide variety of forms. Whether the forms are license certificates, driving license applications, firearms licenses, disability certificates or remittance forms, nothing is worse than the cross not being in the right place when they come out of the printer. This doesn’t just cost money, it also costs time. For this reason, the Tally Dascom 5130 has automatic edge detection and paper alignment. Thus, paper can also be inserted at an angle. The result is a perfect print copy each and every time – both in DIN A6 and DIN A4 format. But that's not all. The 5130T version, besides having a single-sheet feeder also includes fanfold paper input.

Michael Ried, Marketing Manager at DASCOM Europe GmbH, emphasizes how easy the printer is to use: "When dealing with customers it’s vital that printers run smoothly, and staff shouldn’t have to worry about things like paper alignment. The DASCOM flatbed printer is also a second-to-none choice when it comes to the environment. The printer meets the requirements laid down in the ENERGY STAR® guidelines, and in stand-by mode uses less than 4 W. Even after printing 4 million characters, the only thing that needs to be replaced is the ink ribbon."

The Tally Dascom 5130 is able to emulate the IBM Proprinter XL24, Epson ESC P/2 and Olivetti PR2e/40/50/2845, and thanks to its multiple interfaces (1x parallel, 1x serial, 1x USB) can be easily integrated into existing IT environments.

Product features:

  • Flatbed printer with 24-pin and 94-character print-width
  • Automatic paper alignment
  • Automatic paper edge detection
  • Automatic paper thickness detection
  • ENERGY STAR-compliant
  • Long-lasting ink ribbons with character lives of up to 4 million characters
  • Prints forms up to 2.8 mm thick (6 mm capability available as a factory built version

Established in Hong Kong, DASCOM Group was founded in 1988.
Today, DASCOM is a private conglomerate operating an array of business focuses:

  • Developer, manufacturer and provider of enterprise printing solutions
  • System integrator, Distributor, Service Provider of Unix solutions
  • Service Provider of value-added services for various telecommunication carriers

Located in Ulm (Germany), DASCOM Europe GmbH is the European headquarter and was founded May 2009. We market the full range of serial, passbook, mobile and thermal printers un-der the ‘Tally’ or ‘Tally Dascom’ brand names.

Based in Basingstoke , DASCOM GB Ltd. is a subsidiary of DASCOM Europe, and, supports sales operations for the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Benelux, Middle East and Africa regions.

Whether you print bar codes, labels, bills of lading, invoices or other critical documents, we offer the advanced technology and custom solutions that keep your business running. Our products are used in most major industries including banking, logistics, retail, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, government, public safety, aviation, transportation and warehousing/distribution.

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Michael Ried
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