Dot matrix printers for industrial scales from Schenck Process DASCOM protocol printer supports transportation, storage and logistics processes 16.06.11

All over the world ships, vehicles, wagons and containers are often loaded with the help of cranes. The material must be recorded and weighed quickly and precisely. Schenck Process GmbH, based in Darmstadt, is the market leader in all areas of measuring and process technologies and provides a wide range of solutions concerning weighing, feeding, screening and automation. Schenck Process is an internationally proven partner when it comes to automating transportation processes from loading to unloading. Schenck Process supports its global customers in the fields of distribution and logistics with 2,100 employees spread over 27 locations, 16 modern manufacturing facilities and over 130 representatives.

Goods traffic and all its transshipment places would be unimaginable without precise measuring and weighing equipment from Schenck Process. The company develops, produces and operates equipment including models that determine the weight of the loads. No matter how long the journey – everywhere crane scales, train scales, truck scales and other equipment from Schenck Process record weights; the data is then protocolled and printed out. This is where the flexible, extremely robust dot matrix printers from DASCOM come into play.

DASCOM printers are used more and more often by Schenck Process for the above-mentioned scales as protocol printers. This is because copies are often required. Moreover the interference-free DASCOM products are best protected against shocks. Schenck Process also requires printers with USB interfaces so as to be able to flexibly and easily connect printers and scales to customers' IT systems.

In addition to product quality, DASCOM provides impeccable service and support. The supply of spare parts and the fact that DASCOM adapts all scale models to the special requirements of the USB interface and was able to create the desired interface protocol in the case of the T2240/24 are clear advantages. Value for money was also a decisive criterion in changing suppliers and working with DASCOM as our new partner.

Schenck Process must be able to rely on functions that are of extreme importance in calibratable use. “The user must be certain that the offset print was either successful or not successful”, says Dr Ulrich Rauchschwalbe, Product Manager at Schenck Process. “For a while now we have relied on USB interfaces in our terminals. The USB printer has immense advantages as it provides a response as standard – no special solutions are required. Technically this makes a solid impression and the price is very good”. There are many printing applications in the Schenck Process programme. Protocol printers display erroneous protocols as well as feeding or loose bulk. Floor printers are used with crane scales – the data is communicated wirelessly to the computer. The 1125 is suitable in both cases. Simply by flicking a switch it can be changed from continuous paper feed to single sheet feed. The most common area of usage is however truck scales where four copies are required. For this purpose, Schenck Process uses the 1325 flatbed printer from DASCOM.

Schenck Process likes to offer complete scale and printer packages. “Then you know that everything fits together and you also know where to go if there is a problem”, says Ulrich Rauchschwalbe. This is where the DASCOM service becomes a decisive advantage for both Schenck Process and their customers.

Established in Hong Kong, DASCOM Group was founded in 1988.
Today, DASCOM is a private conglomerate operating an array of business focuses:

  • Developer, manufacturer and provider of enterprise printing solutions
  • System integrator, Distributor, Service Provider of Unix solutions
  • Service Provider of value-added services for various telecommunication carriers

Located in Ulm (Germany), DASCOM Europe GmbH is the European headquarter and was founded May 2009. We market the full range of serial, passbook, mobile and thermal printers un-der the ‘Tally’ or ‘Tally Dascom’ brand names. The TallyGenicom line matrix and laser printer models will continue to be distributed by DASCOM.

As a subsidiary of DASCOM Europe, DASCOM GB Ltd., based in Basingstoke, supports sales operations for the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Benelux, Middle East and Africa regions.

Whether you print bar codes, labels, bills of lading, invoices or other critical documents, we offer the advanced technology and custom solutions that keep your business running. Our products are used in most major industries including banking, logistics, retail, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, government, public safety, aviation, transportation and warehousing/distribution.

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